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May 27, 2016
Category: Hearing Loss
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Hearing aids are a wonderful way to enhance diminished hearing, and great strides have been made in this field to give the wearer the hearing aidbest, most comfortable and most authentic experience possible. However, the hearing aids themselves can malfunction and may occasionally need repair or adjustments. Dr. Lisa Prather, your audiologist at Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions in Naperville, IL, has a few tips for her patients about hearing aid repair.

When to contact your audiologist

Decreased hearing quality, feedback (whistling or squeaking) or distorted sounds can all indicate the need for hearing aid repair. Because today's hearing aids are carefully programmed to meet a patient's individual hearing needs, Dr. Prather, your Naperville audiologist, may need to make adjustments to the aid's settings from time to time. The size and shape of the ears can also change, resulting in an improper fit that will need professional attention as well.

DIY solutions

In some cases, problems with your hearing aids may be something simple that can be resolved at home. Many times, the problem is due to the tubing being blocked with ear wax. Your hearing aid specialist suggests detaching the tubes from the aids and thoroughly washing the tubes in hot, soapy water, being sure to rinse them thoroughly and allowing ample time for them to dry before reattaching them to the hearing aid itself. If you are unsure how to do this, please don't hesitate to contact Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions in Naperville.

You should also check to make sure the batteries are functioning: check their expiry date, their placement and make sure you're using the right size of battery. Lastly, check the volume setting to be sure it hasn't been lowered accidentally.

As always, the staff at Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions, your Naperville hearing aid repair specialist, is available for any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us without delay if you notice a problem with your hearing aids or a change in the quality of your hearing.

By Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions
February 05, 2016
Category: Hearing Loss
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If you have issues hearing those around you then you may want to consider a hearing aid.

It can be frustrating when you have trouble hearing those around you. You want so desperately to understand what people are saying and be part of the conversation but maybe you’re too embarrassed to continuously ask people to repeat themselves. Find out what hearing aidsscenarios may warrant a trip to see your Naperville audiologist, Dr. Lisa Prather.

What are the signs that I have hearing loss?

You may notice a variety of warning signs that could pinpoint whether it’s time to talk to your audiologist in Naperville, IL about hearing aids:

  • It sounds like many people are mumbling when talking to you
  • You need to have the volume on the television or radio turned up in order to properly hear it
  • You ask people to repeat themselves often
  • You have trouble hearing people in noisy or public environments
  • You have trouble understanding people in groups
  • You find yourself straining to hear conversations
  • Hearing people on the telephone is challenging
  • You avoid social occasions and gatherings or find yourself isolated during group conversations

What can I expect when I get a hearing aid?

When you get glasses they are designed to completely correct your vision, but it’s a bit different with hearing aids. Hearing aids will never completely correct your hearing loss or be able to 100-percent restore your hearing. What hearing aids can do is amplify the sounds around you so you can hear people better. The purpose of wearing a hearing aid is to make soft conversation or sounds more audible while making normal sounds comfortable to hear.

A hearing aid is also designed to help a person understand speech by amplifying sounds that a person may have trouble hearing without a hearing aid. Some hearing aids are made to amplify high-pitched sounds while others are better for low-pitched sounds. Your audiologist in Naperville will be able to help you determine which kind of hearing aid is right for you when you come into our office.

Being able to hear is a vital component to a healthy and happy life. If you are having trouble hearing what others are trying to say then maybe it’s time to consider getting a hearing aid in Naperville. Call Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions to schedule your next appointment.