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April 04, 2016
Category: Hearing Loss
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About 15 percent of adults over 18 have reported that they’ve had trouble with their hearing. Hearing problems often develop due to tinnitusprolonged exposure to loud music and sounds. Learn why you should stop turning up the volume and schedule a hearing test with an ear doctor at Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions in Naperville, IL.

When You Turn Up the Volume
There’s a reason why your cellphone or iPod warns you before you turn up the volume past a certain point. Listening to loud music or noises can cause ear problems, including hearing loss. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 26 million adults ages 20-69 have hearing loss from exposure to loud noises when working or having fun.

Tinnitus is the official name for a ringing noise in the ear that can interfere with your ability to hear. It can cause headaches and sometimes make it difficult to sleep. It is sometimes caused by an ear infection or injury, but it can also happen when you listen to very loud music or if you’re exposed to loud shouting very close to your ear. If tinnitus is not checked and properly addressed, over time it can lead to permanent hearing problems. Treatments and therapies are available at the office of Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions in Naperville.

Having Your Ears Checked
A hearing test or assessment is a relatively quick appointment that you may be able to schedule on your lunch break. During the test, the doctor will measure your ability to hear certain sounds and reveal the results on a tool called an audiogram. The doctor will also do a visual exam of the inside of each ear and ask detailed questions about your health history.

Call for an Ear Checkup
Contact the Naperville, IL office of Ear to Ear Hearing Solutions at (630) 305-0537 today to schedule your next hearing test. This checkup appointment is particularly important if you’ve had a problem with your ears in the past.